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2016 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Waste Diversion

In a flurry of surf pros, gawking tourists, scantily clad beach bunnies, beer sponsored parties, Foodland crowds and unfortunate surf conditions the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing came and went. We here at SCH wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves come end of every year without it. This being the fourth year we’ve partaken in helping to make this legendary long withstanding Hawaii competition more sustainable within our island environment. How you ask!? Well, we divert waste. All day long. On comp days at least. Our waste diversion program is simple, so if you’re unfamiliar allow me to explain. We set up diversion stations all over the event, these stations separate out compostable material and recyclables from the rubbish stream. The cans and bottles were recycled by the WSL youth non-profit this year. The compost gets delivered to the farm across the street from world famous, BANZAII PIPELINE! Well, more Off-The-Wall to be accurate, but who cares. What matters is the farm is called Waihuena and they are rad. We compost all food scraps and compostable cups, plates utensils, etc. Once that compost breaks down. They use that nutrient rich soil to produce more food. Full circle equals a good cycle!

65% of the waste generated during the 2016 Triple Crown was diverted from Oahu’s landfill. 46% of it was composted and turned back into a valuable resource right across the street from the events main stage. There are few events on the scale of the Triple Crown that leave an environmentally friendly footprint like that. Vans and the WSL are leading a charge in changing the game. Take note. We here at SCH love the Triple Crown and are proud to dig through it’s rubbish and partner with the visionaries who run this event to blaze a path into the future. A more sustainable way of doing things. Thanks to everyone that worked hard to make it happen, you know who you are, as well as Vans and the WSL. If you want to get into the nitty gritty details, check out the final report at the bottom. Enjoy!

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