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Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a grassroots, local nonprofit organization run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers, just like you. We inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach cleanups. We also coordinate educational programs, public awareness campaigns and help others run their own beach cleanups. We love Hawai‘i’s beaches and love to keep them clean. By educating people about reducing their waste and the need to keep our beaches clean, we foster a connection to their coastline and coastlines thousands of miles away.


Our Impact

  • 17,467
    Event Participants
  • 3,200
    Presentation Views
  • 27,500
    Pounds Recycled

Researching, planning and running our projects has costs that we work extremely hard to meet. A few fine folk have already put their name behind our cause, but we still need your help. Find out more.

Humble Beginnings

Sometimes it takes a few beers, good conversation and good intentions to make a positive change for the community. In February 2011, a group of close friends decided to do something about the marine debris polluting Hawai‘i’s coastlines. They all pitched in $50 and organized a large-scale beach cleanup at Makapu‘u. It was Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s first official beach cleanup. To their surprise, surf companies and local businesses gave ample donations to support their cause. Over 300 volunteers showed up and removed 1,000 pounds of trash. A celebration party followed with live music and food. Today, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is the premier coastline steward across the state.


Coastal Stewardship

Picking up trash and marine debris is only one part of the process to sustain a clean beach. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii uses audit sheets at beach cleanups to document the type and amount of trash being removed from the shore. With tangible data to present to the Hawaii State Legislature and city councils, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii was instrumental in passing O‘ahu’s plastic bag ban and smoking ban at the beach. They are currently working to pass a Styrofoam ban.

On A Mission

Coastal Clean-ups

The overconsumption of plastic is leading to unprecedented amounts of marine debris in our oceans and on our coastlines. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is solving this problem through fun, hands-on beach cleanups, public outreach to schools, community groups and local government on the importance of reducing plastic consumption and by inspiring coastal stewardship. Since February 2011, SCH has hosted over 50 beach cleanups with over 17,000 participants and removed over 90,000 pounds of debris from Hawai‘i’s coastlines. This hands-on approach reduces plastic ingestion and tangling dangers for marine life and birds and provides the community with a renewed commitment to the environment and sense of place.

Outreach and Services

We host some of the largest beach cleanups in the state. Our average participation is 300 volunteers per event with our largest cleanup ever bringing in 1,076 individuals. We provide professional presentations, waste diversion education, in-class education, corporate team building events and DIY beach cleanups. Our mobile Education Station is an interactive, walk-through experience highlighting the dangers of single-use plastics and ocean pollution, featuring an outdoor cinema to show relevant movies in a public setting.

Come Join Us

Join us at one of our many beach cleanups around the state. Make a pledge to reduce your use of single-use plastics and take a stewardship role at your beach. Donate to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii or become a sponsor. Follow us on and Instagram @sustainablecoastlineshawaii. We make community service fun, engaging and rewarding. Be a part of the movement to reduce single-use plastics and keep our beaches clean.


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