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Ocean Plastics Program

Completing the recycling circle

[section][column span=”8″ offset=”2″]What happens to all the plastic removed from the beach? Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii takes all the plastic found on the beach and recycles it. Their Ocean Plastics Program is now a global model for turning marine debris into a new product. It’s simple. The plastic is separated from the trash, bagged and shipped to partners that chip it down, melt it and mix it with post-consumer plastic to create recycled plastic products. Method, an environmentally conscious cleaning product company, uses plastic recovered by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to produce the bottle that holds their two-in-one hand and dish soap. Bureo Skateboards, a new skateboard company dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, is using plastic and fishing nets recovered by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii as raw materials for their skateboard decks. Plastic debris can also be used to make Bionic yarn, which are durable textiles made of recycled plastic found in products by Adidas, Nike, Timberland and G-Star Raw.[/column][/section]