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Waste Diversion Education

[section][column span=”8″ offset=”2″]Have you ever been to the beachpark and noticed all different kinds of trash spilling out of a single trashcan—banana peels, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and Styrofoam containers? Our current one-bin public waste system overloads local landfills. Without fail, some of that rubbish will end up back on the beach. We need to relearn what it means to throw something away. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has developed a simple and effective, hands-on way for the public to change their thinking and, in turn, their habits. We call it Waste Diversion Education. We’ve developed an interactive tent with three separate waste receptacles: one for compost, another for recyclables and the third for rubbish. Waste Diversion ensures the proper processing of all types of rubbish. Think of it as a proactive beach cleanup.

Our Waste Diversion Education system is available to rent for any event, no matter how large or small. Waste Diversion Education is utilized at the World Surfing League’s Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, the Volcom Pipe Pro, TEDxHonolulu, Art + Flea, and certain BAMP Project events.[/column][/section]