Job Openings

Action Manager

The Action Pillar of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi consists of the on-the-ground, hands-on programs that bring SCH closer to their vision of a world of inspired people, clean beaches, and healthy coastlines. As of 2024 the main components of the Action Pillar center on the Cleanups & Restoration Program and the Resource Recovery Program. These programs have a variety of sub-programs that also fall within the programmatic areas. The subprograms include Large-scale cleanups, corporate cleanups, DIY cleanups, small-kine cleanups, marine debris rapid response (archived, but could return with heavy debris loads and additional staff capacity), Resource Recovery and event sustainability services, and composting (collaboratively run with Director of Development and SustainEvents team).

The Action Manager will be responsible for managing coordinators and interns to develop innovative/proactive solutions to plastic pollution, waste management, and coastal resilience. The Action Manager will also be responsible for the overall success of two main programs: the "SustainEvent Resource Recovery Program" and the "Cleanups and Restoration Program", with the support of the Director of Development. The Action Manager will report to the Executive Director and work very closely with the Director of Development and other members of the management team.

(re)Learning Educator

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi is hiring contracted educators to help us engage with students and the community through educational in-class presentations, school beach cleanups, farm field trips, and other educational events. Positions have flexible hours and are contingent on whatever events schools have reserved with us, so it’s a perfect side-gig for young professionals and anybody else who would like to work a few extra hours a week doing something meaningful for our ʻāina and community!

If you're interested in being an educator, join us for the first SCH Educators Session and learn more at the link below.