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large scale cleanupS + EVENTS schedule

What Can You Expect From a Large-Scale Cleanup:

All we ask you to bring is a reusable water bottle, reef-safe sunscreen, an open mind, and all of your ‘ohana (*note: we can almost always use volunteers to bring trucks to haul debris at cleanups). The rest is on us as an offering for your time and efforts:

Cleanup Supplies: gloves, bags, buckets, sifters, knives, loppers (volunteers are welcome to bring their own tools)

Safety & Sanitation: Safety briefings, first-aid kits, & hand sanitizer

Water Stations for refilling your (reusable!) water bottle & staying hydrated

Education/Outreach Tabling: Interactive activities for all ages, keiki games, & workshops

Live Music & Guest Speakers

Local vendors, farmers, and sustainably-sourced food options

Outreach Events

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s Outreach team is available to serve our greater community — the impact of our mission grows as we reach audiences of all kinds. Our mobile education van and outreach team are ready to inspire and educate guests and audiences at events of all kinds. We bring with us knowledgeable staff and volunteers, interactive games, and informational displays designed for you to engage with in ways that empower you to be a part of creating sustainable coastlines everywhere.
We can visit

Community Events

Business Events


School fairs and STEM events

Surf Contests


Streeet & Music festivals

Film screenings

What: Tabling at events: SCH can provide our own branded pop up tents, tables, educational materials, activities, social media support

Where: Oahu & Neighboring Islands (depending on size/reach of event), International?

When: Year round!

Pop-Up Educational Cleanup Events

Either in-class or Education Delivery Vehicle presentation can range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your needs or the bell schedule. It also includes 15-20 minutes of hands-on learning activities. SCH Presentation will focus on defining marine debris, where it comes from, how it affects wildlife and human health, and what we can do about it. Throughout the presentation, Educators will use different types of debris (example: plastiglomerates, microplastics, boluses, fishing gear) to illustrate how plastic affects the environment.

SCH Outreach Events engaged over 30,000 people in 2019.