Da Hui X Jason Momoa X SCH

Da Hui X Jason Momoa X SCH

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is proud and honored that Jason Momoa has become a champion of the work to fight plastic pollution. From appearing on the Ellen Show last year to raise money for SCH by throwing axes at water bottles, to giving a powerful speech at the United Nations to spur action on climate change that is already devastating Pacific Island Nations, Jason has risen to the challenge of being a voice for the ocean. We are excited to expand our collaborative work going forward by not only cleaning up the plastic mess together, but doing the daunting work of changing the culture of convenience that has led us to the place we are in.

This month, Jason continued to expand his support of our work at SCH by making us the beneficiary from his new Aloha J collection from Da Hui.

Inspired by Momoa's artwork, the collection of apparel features his personal tattoo design that symbolizes "aumakua," or ancestral guardian and Hawaiian heritage. Customers can choose from a selection of pants, shorts, long-sleeve tees and tanks. Hand-drawn by Momoa, the collection name and logo, "Aloha J", represents his signature sign-off, familiar to fans and audiences of his extensive television series and movie roles.

"Da Hui is so grateful to have Jason's support as we move into this next phase of our brand's evolution," a spokesperson for Da Hui said. "We are focused on connecting the stories of our past to the opportunities of our future as we continue to promote native Hawaiian culture and create programs to heal our oceans."

Underscoring Da Hui's roots focused on protecting the Hawaiian culture and ocean, the goal of the "Aloha J" collection is to make healing the ocean and coasts everyone's "kuleana," or responsibility. Da Hui, which is committed to sharing the Hawaiian story and tradition of surfing with the world, joined forces with Momoa in the spirit of "Lōkahi," or collaboration, to help give back to the ocean and coasts. A portion of profits from each sale will support the non-profits Hui O He’e Nalu and Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i and their missions to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines.

"I really wanted to create something that people want to wear, and that also supports protecting the ocean." - Jason Momoa

Mahalo Jason & Da Hui, for the ongoing support. We're excited to put the funds to work in creative and innovative ways that protect our oceans, give the next generation the tools to stop the problem at its source, and of course, in the spirit of SCH, have a lot fun getting it done.