1. Join for a cleanup

A cleanup crew a few years back with all the stoke!

One of the main ways we love to give back to our community, and a crucial pillar of our organization’s foundation is large and small scale cleanups.  At the moment, our clean up schedule is slightly more sporadic as the covid-19 pandemic has made large gatherings a temporary thing of the past.  But, we are working around the mandates in order to provide as many cleanup opportunities for the community as possible.  If you are a school administrator or leader of a group or organization, you can sign up a class or group of classes for a cleanup with the location of your choosing; follow this link.  On our website, we have all the updated information on how to get involved with the nearest cleanup to you.  

2. DIY Cleanup Kit

If you are looking to take initiative into your own hands and gather your family or a group of friends for a personalized cleanup experience, you can come into our office in Kaimuki. to pick up an already packed DIY cleanup kit.  Our DIY Cleanup Kit is fitted with all things needed for a beach, park, or stream clean up; the kit will come complete with gloves, feed bags for gathering trash, a homemade, state of the art sand sifter, and a DIY cleanup guide answering all your cleanup questions!  If you cannot make it to the office, you can follow our DIY Cleanup Guide on our website for a step-by-step instruction on doing your own cleanup.

Staff member Monica McLenigan with her DIY Cleanup Kit, ready to clean the beach! Photo by ...

3. Sign up your school, organization, or business for an education presentation

One or more of our staff and/or volunteers will meet the class or group at a previously agreed upon location for a cleanup and short education time.  A wonderful attribute to our system is that we come to your place of business or classroom personally to do a full 40 minute to hour presentation on SCH values and the current climate crisis.  “There’s nothing like a hands on experience to ground students in their learning.  Beach cleanups provide the opportunity for project/service based learning, and allow students to get outside and explore parts of Hawaii they have yet to experience.”  We also have our education van that we bring to school campuses complete with a whole set up for a full education presentation.  As stated above, a leader in your organization, school, or business can reach out via email or through our websiteSimply communicate with one of our staff members about a date and location and we will do the rest!  All supplies and paperwork will be provided! 

4. Private and Corporate Cleanups 

Are you a business or corporate office looking for a team building project or an opportunity to engage in community outreach together?  Here at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we have a system in place for private events in the business sector in which employees get a closer look into the world of sustainability.  “We are available for hire to help you minimize your events impact on the environment through pre-event consulting and during event implementation of our waste diversion systems and trained resource management/education staff.”Our excellent educators and volunteers will help you and your employees to gain hands-on experience and newfound knowledge on the problem of plastic pollution and how we might work together to turn off the tap.  

Corporate cleanup at Magic Island recently. Photo by Baylie Bofenkamp (@bayliephotography).

5. Follow on social 

An easy and quick way to further support SCH is by following us on social media.  You can keep up with us and be informed about our future events by simply following and keeping in touch! 





6. Sign up for our newsletter 

If you would like to receive more detailed updates of our work, you can subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter with science research developments, schtories, schnews updates, and more information on the work SCH and our partners and sponsors are doing.  Learning more !!!!

7. FTO daily trivia 

One of our wonderful partners and friends, Free The Ocean, has a daily trivia question that you can log on and answer whenever.  Some of us have made it a part of our daily habit.  Whether you answer the question correctly or not, one extra piece of plastic is removed from the ocean, for real.  

8. Support us (donate)

If you have a busy schedule and currently cannot give your time to the cause but want to contribute in some way, you can donate with a one-time donation or make the decision to become a monthly donor.  Donate through our website.

9. Clean beaches start at home 

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we want to encourage you to begin at home.  Take a minute to look around your home.  Notice the ways in which you may be contributing to consumer culture without even realizing it.  I had to do the same not so long ago.  The most plastic dense part of my home was my bathroom.  To reduce my plastic use (and continue to be a squeaky clean member of society) in the shower, I started filling up old glass bottles and mason jars with all my bathroom necessities at a local zero waste shop called Keep it Simple, here in Honolulu.  My story is just one of many; so get creative.  And tell us how you worked to reduce plastic waste in your own home with your own unique spin!